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Deathbird is the first-born of the Shi'ar Royal Family, a humanoid alien race descendant of bird-like creatures. Due to a throwback gene sequence, Deathbird was born with wings, which enabled her to fly. During her years as a respected member of the Royal Family she taught martial arts to Gladiator, and became the Empire's best hand-to-hand.

Deathbird appeared as a boss in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Cal'syee Neramani was the eldest child of the Majestor Neramani and thus the heir of the Shi'ar Empire's throne. Cal'syee was born with atavistic features and was fiercely proud of it. Unfortunately, the atavism also caused her to experience fits of uncontrollable rage that eventually forced Cal'syee to kill her mother.

Deathbird is a Shi'ar and the sister to Lilandra and D'Ken. She serves as the right-hand woman to D'Ken against Lilandra. Deathbird helped D'Ken capture an aircraft on Earth containing a man and woman. The woman was killed but he man changed his name to Corsair and led the Starjammers. After D'Ken was killed and her sister Lilandra ascended to the throne, Deathbird helped Earth mutant.

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The version of Deathbird seen in New Exiles # was a remarkably different person from her main universe counterpart. Going by the name Nerimani, she loo ked human, had a calm and gentle temperament, and believed that peace was the way forward. Fleeing across the galaxy from her violent younger sister Lilandra, she was forced to give up the Shi’ar throne and go into hiding on Earth.

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